Prima 4 film sets

Prima 431 YMCK colour dye film and retransfer film sets (x5 sets) 1000 images per set
Prima 431/S YMCK colour dye film and retransfer film set (x1 set) 1000 images
Prima 4 dye film Prima 433 YMCKK colour dye film black panel on reverse 750 images
Prima 434 YMCK-UV colour dye film with UV panel 750 images
Prima 435 YMCKO-PO dye film with peel-off panel 750 images
Prima 4 retransfer film Prima 436 Retransfer film 1000 images
Prima 4 patch laminate film Prima 462 Clear patch laminate 0.6mil 600 patches
Prima 463 Clear patch laminate 0.6mil with chip cutout 600 patches
Prima 464 Clear patch laminate 1.0mil 600 patches
Prima 465 Clear patch laminate 1.0mil with chip cutout 600 patches
Prima 4 overlay film Prima 461 OVD ‘snowflake’ design film 1000 overlays
Prima 466 Clear OVD film 1000 overlays
Prima 4 custom overlay/patch Prima 468 Set up charge for custom overlay film/patch laminate
Prima 467-patch Custom design holographic patch 0.6mil 600 patches
Prima 467-overlay Custom design holographic overlay 1000 overlays

Cleaning kits

E9887 Prima 4 cleaning kit 10x swabs, wipes, cards
E9681 Retransfer cleaning card 1x pack
E9682 Retransfer cleaning wipe 1x pack
E9683 Magnetic stripe cleaning kit – EU 10x cards (EU only)

UltraSecure cards

125 KHz Proximity  
SMA Proximity  
MIFARE Classic®  
Contact chip  

Blank cards

M9006-793 Premium blank white cards – CR80  
M9006-794 Blank white cards with magnetic stripe – CR80