EPI Suite is a powerful photo ID software solution that allows users to design, encode, print, and manage highly-secure, professional ID cards and credentials. The software is available in several editions: EPI Suite Lite for basic ID card programs, EPI Suite Classic for medium-sized organizations, and EPI Suite Pro for large organizations requiring multiple users.
EPISuite Lite 6.3 Software

EPISuite Lite 6.3 provides an easy and effective solution for a variety of ID card creation needs. Though it is the most affordable of the EPISuite series, it offers the same variety you expect in card design tools, as well as an unlimited database to hold hundreds, even thousands, of records. Customize your badges with graphics, logos and photographs on one or both sides of a card. Plus, with EPISuite Lite, you can incorporate barcodes and encode magnetic stripes without any additional encoding device.

Database programs can be confusing, but EPISuite Lite makes it simple. It securely backs up every cardholder's record and card information, and while only authorized users may access personal information, this feature allows you to re-print lost cards without the headache of recreating the card itself. And if you don't own a card printer, you may send your print jobs to an EPIWEB center and they will print the cards for you! For simple, streamlined ID card design, look no further than EPISuite Lite.

EPISuite Classic 6.3 Software

For medium to large-sized organizations. Offers all the impressive features you'll find in EpiSuite Lite and takes you a step further with acquisition support for signatures, more extensive reporting, a customizable user interface, image ghosting and cameo effect, and much more.

EPISuite Pro Lan Printing Station Software

EPISuite Pro is advanced ID card design software that allows you to customize your own ID badges for your large organization. However, this software is an addition to EPISuite Pro that will allow you to use EPISuite Pro at an external printing station on your LAN. With this license, you can create and print cards remotely for visitors and new employees on-site, making it easy to issue cards-- even if your business has offices in different states. To use this software, you need an EPISuite Pro Master License.

EPISuite Pro 6.3 Software

A networkable and feature-rich solution for large oragnizations with thousands of employees. EpiSuite Pro operates across a network on any ODBC-compliant database. This enables you to import your current human resources, access control, or other information easily. EpiSuite Pro incorporates all of EpiSuite Classics options as well as acquisition support for finger prints, smart chip encoding, and GuardViews access control and CCTV interfacing capabilities for high traffic security areas.

Trust ID Classic
  • Drag and drop card builder
  • Pre-defined templates
  • 1D and 2D barcodes with 60+ integrated barcode formats
  • Integrated database editor
  • Add Custom & composite database fields
  • Integrated image capture
  • Import CSV and text database files
  • Print to any plastic card printer
  • Label templates and printer support
  • Live preview
  • Double-sided printing
  • Batch printing
  • 200 Record Internal Database
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
Trust ID Professional
  • Everything in the Classic edition +
  • Conditional elements and layers
  • Import CSV and text database files
  • Integrated reporting
  • User account management
  • Password protection
  • Unlimited Record Internal Database
Trust ID Pro Smart
  • Everything in the Professional edition +
  • Smart card encoding
  • MS Access connectivity
  • MS Excel connectivity
  • SQL connectivity